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Victoria DBU-28069
NSW 226339C
HIA 921122

Client Resources

Below you will find links to pdf's that you will be able to make your selections on and forward to Luke Buerckner Builders either via email or post to PO Box 796 Yarrawonga VIC 3730.  This will ensure no mistakes are made when we are quoting and ordering materials for your dream home.


(1)     External house material and colour selections. External house colour selections

(2)     Door selections  Door Selections

(3)     Window-sliding door selections Window-sliding door selection

(4)     Kitchen appliance selections Kitchen Appliance Selection

(5)     Bathroom fixtures, laundry fixtures, kitchen fixtures and door funiture selections Bathroom, laundry, kitchen fixtures and door handles

(6)     Wardrobes, shower screens, splashbacks and mirror selections Wardrobes, showerscreens, splashbacks & mirrors

(7)      Paint selections Paint selections


(Lastly)   After living in your new home for 3 months, please fill out the maintenance report. Maintenance report